range of refractory concretes that includes dense or insulating concretes with medium, low or ultra low cement content with different modes of placement: Concretes to be poured, vibrated, guniter or self-covering.

Refractory Concrete

DAUSSAN, european leader in the production of wear coatings to be projected, molded or plated, knows how to provide an optimal solution to the needs of each of its customers. Our range: Dossolite, Dossanit, Dossmix

Continuous Cast Distributor Wear Liners

Our know-how of more than 60 years in this field allows us to provide each customer with an innovative solution adapted to his needs in terms of insulating or exothermic weightings. Our range: Iso, Iso – Exo, Dossboard

Spring casting ingot massing

DAUSSAN manufactures high-performance gunitage products available with different magnesia contents in order to meet the specific needs of our customers and their applications. Our range: Dossgun

High performance gunning products

DAUSSAN supplies many casting accessories such as: jet protection tubes, cattails, drawer plates, dams, seat bricks, impact slabs... Our range: Dossbaffle, Dossblock, Dosscone, Dossbox, Dossdam, Dosspad, Dosspool, Dossweir

Casting tubes and accessories

DAUSSAN produces refractory insulating sleeves dedicated to the preheating of the nozzles/ cattails and the start of the splitter during continuous casting. Our range: Dossolan, Dosstarter

Insulating sleeves

DAUSSAN has a range of cover powders covering all the needs of our customers. Our range includes basic, acidic, purifying powders in powdery or pelletized form. Our range: Thermostil, Purostil, DOSOIL ISO A, DOSOIL ISO B

Covering powders

DAUSSAN produces different damned or capping masses for many steelmaking tools. Our range: Antistick, Dossram, Lutasec

Tamping masses, Capping masses

DAUSSAN offers its customers a range of refractory mortars and glues specifically developed to meet their expectations. Our range: Durlut

Refractory mortars and adhesives